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The mission of FranchiseOpportunities.Business is for everyone seeking opportunities. We want to give business minded people the opportunity to learn about available franchises. Our website, blog posts, and online visibility should enable seekers to learn about opportunities that they desire.

Our offices are located in Los Angeles, California. We have colleagues and users that work remote.

  • By State – search for franchise opportunities in your desired state.

  • By Industry – search for a franchise that peeks your interest.

  • The perfect opportunity – explore our website to find the right business for you.

Once you’ve decided upon a franchise or a business you want to learn more about, the next step is completing a contact form. The franchise interview consists of many stages.

Franchisors – Submit your opportunities

The first phase of the actual franchise development process is getting the lead. Here is your opportunity to create extra visibility to reach and target your ideal franchisee. You should have a clear objective of many leads you want to get per month. This  objective will help effectively measure how many new franchisees you want to enroll in 2019.

  • Liquid Capital – vet potential franchisees to qualify them prior to consultation.

  • Financial Net-Worth  – Ensure that the person is financially capable of franchising.

  • Units – How many units the franchisee wants to own and operate?

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